Jeff Philips Bio

Name: Jeff Roy Phillips
Birthdate: July 9, 1976
Astrology Sign: Aquarius 
Birthplace: Canada
Residence: London, Ontario, Canada
Height: n/a
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: n/a
Tattoos: The word "Oracle" on his right forearm, Bloodlet tattoo (half sleeve) on his left forearm, and both lower parts of his legs (1, 2), one on his right forearm
Piercings:  left ear
Occupation: Thine Eyes Bleed Guitarist
Plays: plays the bass,and a little bit of drums, but he says he doesn't play like a drummer, he plays drums like a guitar player.
Equipment: Gibson Les Paul and Gibson Explorer
Biggest Influence:  Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, and James Hetfield
Previous Band: Kittie
Some Interesting Facts:
-used to be guitar tech when Fallon was in Kittie
-Favorite Movies: Goodfellas and the Exorcist
-First Concert: Metallica in 1990
-Favorite Band: Bloodlet
-Music Influences: Metallica, Slayer, Bloodlet, and Faith No More
-Guitar Influences: Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, and James Hetfield
-Started playing guitar at 7